Energy Auditing

Auditing is the the central mechanism Greenwood Solutions employ to first evaluate how a business or residence uses energy. Auditing is an umbrella term which contains many concepts that will be discussed in future slides. However first let us examine the auditing services we provide.

There are three layers to our auditing service which are designed to be complimentary. The visual analysis leads to a physical analysis and ultimately our goal is to install permanent loggers and use cloud based analysis.

Tier 1

Visual Analysis

Quick and cost effective method to determine if further analysis is required to extract many more site specific energy saving initiatives.

Tier 2

Physical Analysis

Energy consumption of major equipment physically logged.
Includes Tier 1 audit items.

Tier 3

Cloud Based Analysis

Provides ongoing monitoring via cloud based analytics.
Includes Tier 1 and Tier 2 services.

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