“Our goal is to help our clients achieve maximum energy efficiency through renewable technologies and expertise in energy auditing.”

Energy Auditing

Auditing is the the central mechanism Greenwood Solutions employ to first evaluate how a business or residence uses energy. Auditing is an umbrella term which contains many concepts that will be discussed in future slides. However first let us examine the auditing services we provide.

Every detail matters

When designing the optimum renewable energy solution for your home or business, we first need to understand how much energy you use and when you consume it. There are 15 unique environmental, situational and physical attributes that need to be considered in order to maximise your energy generation and storage capacity. Only then can you achieve the most efficient and cost effective energy solution.
Energy Storage Details

Reduce your energy consumption

We work with businesses of all sizes to achieve higher energy efficiency and in turn reduce their operating costs. The central mechanism we employ to reduce our clients’ electricity bills is auditing. Auditing allows us to best understand how a business uses energy so we can design and implement solutions to increase efficiency.

We accept Cryptocurrency

Greenwood Solutions now accept payment in Bitcoin and Litecoin cryptocurrencies.
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