Energy Efficiency Experts

auditing expertise and renewable technology

Power Factor

Power Factor

Power factor is a number which ranges from 0 – 1 and is a representation of how efficiently a site uses power.

Energy Storage

Energy Storage (Batteries)

Over the coming years we can expect battery technology to follow a very similar trend to that of solar where prices are declining making it more attractive to organisations.

Tariff Structure & Billing

Tariff Structure & Billing

Greenwood Solutions examine the retail providers tariff structure and billing arrangement to find the best price of electricity for our clients.



Logging analyses power consumption which is essential so that we can understand how our clients consume and use energy and where saving can be made.

Solar Energy

Solar Energy

Greenwood Solutions recognises that solar is one of the best technologies available to decrease an organisation’s demand on the grid and in turn reduce operating costs.


Lighting & Lighting Control

Reviewing your organisation’s lighting and lighting controls is an effective method to reduce your power consumption through the installation of LEDs and lighting sensors.


Thermal Efficiency

Air-conditioning, heating and insulation play a large role in a buildings thermal efficiency. Auditing, optimising and sometimes replacing heating and cooling units is vital to reducing your electricity bill.


Distribution Network Applications

Each distribution network has specific requirements and ever changing compliance processes, which makes it difficult for business owners and solar vendors to connect their renewable energy generators to the electricity grid.


Hydrogen Fuel Cell

Hydrogen fuel cells are predicted to be one of the fuels of the future. With only requiring water and electricity to produce hydrogen gas for a fuel cell to burn, it makes it a strong candidate to replace fuels such as LPG and petrol.

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