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Greenwood Solutions Launch Solar Training

Training for Installers by Installers

Greenwood Solutions are proud to announce the launch of solar training programs for installers. We have recently added a number of training programs to support installers and help develop their skills and practices.

Our comprehensive solar courses are delivered by an experienced team who boast years of industry experience and have identified key challenges faced by any installer moving into the commercial sector.

The courses are designed to save installers valuable time, money and to develop relationships and avenues of support by learning best practices that have been proven to deliver results.

The training division will be lead by Veli Markovic. Veli is a CEC accredited grid connect and off grid designer and installer with 20 years of industry experience.


Commercial Solar Installation Training

We are currently offering a Commercial Solar Installation course, which provides a comprehensive overview of what is required from an installer to be able to manage large commercial projects.

We have noticed that more and more installers are needing to make the move from domestic to commercial in order to remain viable. However, they often have not been provided with the correct training and are ill-equipped to do so.

This course is designed to connect installers with our wealth of experience and extensive suite of products and services, in order to build confidence and achieve the support required to build their network.

Clients will be walked through the necessary processes, step by step, and provided with an essential takeaway guide containing all the information required to employ a lucrative commercial project.

On completion of the course, 40 Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points will be awarded to accredited installers.

For more information regarding our training course and to buy tickets please visit our Eventbrite page.


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