Solar Battery Install and Sales Training

Training for installers by installers.

Commercial Solar Install training

Key learning areas:

  • How solar battery systems work
  • What the different types of battery systems are and how they compare
  • How to design battery systems
  • Battery, theory, DoD, discharge rates vs life-span
  • Lithium, gel, AGM, salt batteries, flow and nickel-iron
  • Customer tariffs and their influence on the solar battery design
  • Battery storage selection criteria
  • Battery sizing
  • Analysis of manufacturer’s service and reputation
  • Marketing solar battery storage systems
  • Psychological drivers involved with the sales process
  • Solar battery system comparisons, from all in one to installer designed
  • Australian battery standards
  • Correct procedures when dealing with materials and components
  • CEC battery installation guideline
  • Signage
  • Customer’s expectations of system performance vs reality
  • System programming functionality
  • Sales process question process
  • Manufacturer’s warranty requirements

Training for installers by installers

The comprehensive full-day course covers the step by step processes of selling, marketing, selecting and installing solar battery systems successfully.

After running a series of sell-out events covering Commercial Solar Installation we found that there was a high demand for hybrid training from our customers. Although there are many similarities between domestic grid connection and hybrid, there is a certain complexity that needs to be understood before tackling a solar battery project.

For example, a thorough knowledge of battery theory, customer energy consumption profiles and system design moulded by existing tariff structures are crucial to winning projects and gaining a competitive advantage.

Melbourne Training

limited spots available

Brisbane Training

limited spots available

Why Attend This Event

Develop and Diversify Your Skillset

The solar industry is booming and as a result, the market has become crowded. Having an in-depth knowledge of how a solar battery system works will give you a competitive advantage to win clients and secure more jobs.

Learn From Industry Professionals

The course is run by industry professionals that have up to two decades of experience installing, selling and marketing solar systems. Our speakers have specialised knowledge of how battery systems work, providing a technical understanding of installations and the psychology behind marketing and selling.

Build Important Business Relationships

Connect with our wealth of experience and existing suite of products and services to build confidence, support, loyalty and forge ongoing relationships.

What’s Included

  • A full-day class with professional speakers that have years of experience in the industry
  • Question and answer sessions
  • 45 CPD points
  • High-quality morning tea and hot cafe lunch
  • An essential takeaway guide that contains important reference material to execute skills learnt

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