Commercial Solar Design

Training for installers by installers.

Commercial Solar Install training

Key learning areas:

  • Hidden costs of large scale projects
  • Voltage rise calculations and the importance of all data gathered on site
  • DC string configurations – paralleled or not
  • DC isolator rating assessments
  • Inverter voltage windows,
  • Single MPPT v Twin MPPT,
  • DC: AC ratios, overclocking
  • Secondary Protection
  • When is a slave board required
  • Multiple inverters in different buildings
  • DC string fusing built in DC isolator current carrying capacity relating to voltage
  • Cost-benefit analysis of panel framing options, tilt v FTR, EW versus North
  • Importance of temperature coefficients in regards to Voc max and string design

Introducing our brand new course in Queensland, Commercial Solar Design! The course is approved by the Clean Energy Council and worth 50 CPD points.

Following the success of our commercial solar installation course, we found that there was a large demand for relevant information regarding the nitty-gritty side of commercial solar design.

The course is for anyone within the energy industry that has an interest in commercial solar, from the salesperson with a technical approach to a seasoned CEC accredited installer.

Training for installers by installers

Greenwood is a team of highly qualified solar installers, project managers and engineers that have years of experience in the renewable industry, specialising in large commercial jobs. Our CEC approved training programme came about after noticing many installers needed to enter the commercial sphere in order to remain viable, however, were ill-equipped to do so effectively.

Brisbane Training

limited spots available

Why attend this event

Develop and diversify your skillset

The commercial solar industry is booming and as a result, the market has become crowded. Having an in-depth knowledge of how to effectively design commercial solar systems will give you a competitive advantage to win clients and secure more jobs.

Learn from industry professionals

The course is run by industry professionals that have up to two decades of experience designing and installing commercial solar systems. Our speakers have specialised knowledge of commercial solar systems from a design and installation standpoint.

Build important business relationships

Connect with our wealth of experience and existing suite of products and services to build confidence, support, loyalty and forge ongoing relationships.

What’s included

  • A full-day class with professional speakers that have years of experience in the industry
  • 50 CPD points
  • High-quality morning tea and hot cafe lunch
  • An essential takeaway guide that contains important reference material to execute skills learnt
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