Power Quality Testing

Power Quality Testing

Many distributors in Australia now require results from Power Quality testing as a part of theCentral Protection Commissioning Test Report before final approval of a PV solar system is granted. It helps to protect the grid from any possible fault conditions caused by a PV system, it ensure maximum safety for electricity workers and the general public.

Power Quality testing is the analytics of power quality, harmonic distortion, voltage and current event monitoring, power factor, frequency changes, and waveform measurement.

How it works

A Greenwood Solutions engineer will come to site and carry out a Power Quality test for 4 hours and then complete a comprehensive report and graphing to distributors standard to ensure your PV system is safe, and meets all Australian and distributor regulations.

15% discount for all referrals

Greenwood Solutions strive to provide exceptional services to our clients and therefore value the contribution they may to our business. Therefore we offer a 15% discount on your next secondary protection injection test to any PV solar installer that refer our testing services to another individual or company who engage Greenwood Solutions to perform secondary protection injection testing.

Loyalty benefits

Greenwood Solutions are all about forging long term commercial relationships. For clients who engage Greenwood Solutions to perform multiple secondary protection injection tests, every sixth test will be free of charge allowing the PV solar installer to keep any fees they pass onto their customer for the service.

Preferred partner pricing

For any PV solar installer or company who promote Greenwood Solutions as their preferred secondary protection injection testing partner with a link this page on their website will receive a 10% discount on any solar injection testing services.

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Get Tested

Contact us today to get your PV solar system tested, only $1,000 + GST Victoria wide.

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