Visual Analysis


Visual Analysis

The purpose of the visual analysis is to touch base with the customer and forge a relationship based on a relatively cheap outcome that will give them greater insight into their operations and appreciation of our services.

A Visual Analysis audit comprises of the following aspects:

  • Perform a ‘walk through’ inspection of the site & highlight where energy wastage typically occurs. At this point we also obtain their energy bill and inquire about their interval data.
  • Analyse energy bills and check tariffs.
  • Seek the best tariffs available and recommend the ‘best value’ for the client.
  • Create a short report that describes site energy usage, indicates areas of energy waste & approximately how much energy can be saved, cost estimates and payback periods for each initiative required to rectify.
  • Armed with this tier 1 audit the client is better informed & can decide whether it’s worthwhile to proceed further to a tier 2 energy audit or tier 3 energy audit – where more detailed energy efficiency analysis is performed to extract many more site specific energy saving initiatives.
  • This report will provide some level of accuracy but is mostly intended for educational purposes.
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