Physical Analysis


Physical Analysis

By physical analysis we are referring to the installation of temporary loggers onto their electricity meter or directly onto suspect equipment. Depending on the business in question the content of the physical analysis can change dramatically

However, there are some common principles and they are as follows:

  • Includes all tier 1 audit items.
  • A detailed inspection of the site to reveal energy wastage will be performed.
  • Loggers will be installed. Logging times may vary depending on the site.
  • The data from the loggers will be analysed and presented in the report.
  • Provide a report with recommendations listing energy saving initiatives, ie. brief solutions are outlined that will reduce site energy waste and improve efficiency.
  • Outline expected energy savings & estimate costs to achieve savings.
    This report provides a medium level of accuracy. It educates and includes accurate predictions in relation to efficiency and overall savings.
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