Cloud Based Analysis


The cloud based analysis requires installation of permanent loggers and a monthly subscription to Report2Me once Tier 1 and 2 audits are complete.

When the system is operational the client will receive regular reports on their energy consumption as well as performance updates. These automatically generated reports can be used to increase efficiency or in some cases they may highlight large discrepancies.

A Cloud Based Analysis comprises of the following aspects:

  • Permanent loggers are installed on site in conjunction with Report2Me soſtware. Report2Me will provide regular updates and reports on the entire sites energy usage. It will also alert the client to any major changes in relation to energy consumption.
  • Perform onsite maximum demand measurements, graphing & analysis of the results.
    Provide detailed regular reports with recommendations listing all energy saving initiatives, ie. Solutions required to reduce energy waste and improve energy efficiency.
  • Outline ‘expected energy savings’ and provide more accurate costs to achieve savings.
  • For each proposed energy saving initiative, if required – we compile full life cycle costing & payback period analysis for client financial assessment.
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