Solar Grid Applications

We make it easy by dealing with the distribution networks so you don’t have to.

Connecting your business’ or home’s renewable energy system to your distribution network is a technically challenging and time consuming process. Each distribution network has specific requirements and ever changing compliance processes. This makes it difficult for business owners and solar vendors to connect their renewable energy generators to the electricity grid. In addition, each state and territory has a unique overarching legislative framework complicating each application further. That’s why we’re here to help.

Greenwood Solutions has worked with each of the major distribution networks so we understand exactly what costs are involved and the processes to follow to connect your renewable energy system to the network so you can start realising the benefits of your renewable energy investment sooner.

As part of our distribution application service we provide your distribution network with all the necessary drawings, protection system designs, technical calculations and paperwork. If you’re a solar installer, business or home owner who is planning to install a solar system contact us today to remove the hassle of connecting your renewable energy system to the grid.

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The Problem

Australia is a difficult country to obtain an approval to connect a renewable energy system to a distribution network. This is because there are no grid connection guidelines for solar systems over 30kW. This creates a problem for businesses and solar installers because each Distribution Network Service Provider (DNSP) has their own unique set of requirements. For example, if you’re a business who wants to realise the benefits of renewable energy across your properties nationally, they will be different compliance criteria, processes and fees for each distributor in every State. Even for professional solar installers, navigating the changing landscape and grid protection systems in each region is challenging.

Grid protection approvals and implementation are often the lead cause of cost and timeline overruns for commercial solar projects. It’s crucial that all aspects of grid connection submissions contain the necessary detail to gain approval, which should include:

  • System design specifications
  • Documentation and engineering sign-off
  • Implementaion of specialist protection equipment
  • Integration and manufacture of switchboards
  • Evidence of power quality readings
  • System commission documentation

Our Process

  • Energy consumption audit covering your peak and off peak tariffs and your family’s usage habits
  • Calculate roof space and solar generation ability
  • Determine the hardware specification and battery bank
  • Recommendations on power usage and impact on power bills
  • Preliminary design and cost estimate
  • Connection approval
  • Greenwood network protection
  • Power quality tests and injection testing
  • System commissioning

Our Experience

Greenwood Solutions has been establishing distributor service provider approvals for commercial and residential renewable energy solutions for many years. It’s through this experience we are able to efficiently compile all the necessary information and compliance documentation to get your renewable energy system up and running with connection to the grid.

In addition to obtaining network distributor connection approvals, we also specialise in off-grid / hybrid solutions and network protection systems.

System Design & Engineering

Greenwood Solutions can provide engineering designs for your commercial and/or hybrid solar projects including:

  • Solar layout planning
    • Solar framework design
    • DC system design
    • Solar roof mounting system
  • Electrical engineering
    • AC low voltage system design
    • Protection system implementation
    • Control, analytics and communications systems

Our engineering service and customer support can take care of installation and troubleshooting.

There’s no additional costs or hidden fees so you can quote from our price list for your next project.

All Greenwood Protection Solution’s are tested in the field so you and your customer can rely on it 100%.

Greenwood Solutions are your single point of contact for you throughout the design and installation process.

Greenwood Secondary Protection units are approved by your relevant Network Service Provider.

Greenwood Protection Solution’s are tailored to the specific needs of your project.

Network Protection Solutions

The Greenwood Protection Solution – a turnkey, trouble-free, high quality grid connection solution for solar integrators in all states of Australia.

Through our experience connecting renewable energy systems to Distribution Networks across Australia, Greenwood Solutions have daeveloped the Greenwood Protection Solution to provide solar system integrators with quick and easy method of connecting their solar projects to the grid.

Central to the Greenwood Protection Solution is our grid protection switchboards, also known as “Greenwood Grid Safe” that are pre-manufactured and programmed to meet the specific requirements your Distribution Network. These provide a cost effective and easy to install solution for renewable energy integrators which sits between the solar system’s inverters and the site’s main switchboard.

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