Tobin Brother’s Rectification – Coburg

Energy storage systems have multiple roles to play in a business or domestic sphere and if installed incorrectly problems can arise.



Greenwood Solutions was contacted by Tobin Brothers due to some issues with an solar and battery system installed by another installer. One of the issues was that the 3 x battery banks were each configured to an individual phase that can accelerate premature aging. In addition some of the inverters were shutting down, due again to uneven loading of phases.


Greenwood Solutions made the decision to reconfigure the battery bank into one harmonious unit. Logging equipment was attached to test the phase loading hypothesis and readings of 17 kVA, 12 kVA and 8 kVA where found explaining the inverter shutdowns.


After load rectification performed by Greenwood Solutions which balanced the loads the inverter shutdowns became a thing of the past.

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