Solar and Storage – Mount Albert

This project presented many difficulties and required a energy management strategy that utilized solar photovoltaics, a lithium battery storage system and a heat pump, all based around multiple roofs.



A property in one of Melbourne’s leafy green suburbs was experiencing large energy bills, largely due to a heated backyard swimming pool and this is when Greenwood Solutions was contacted to design a comprehensive energy management system that incorporated multiple technologies.


After analysis of the supplied interval data we designed and installed a renewable energy system to mitigate demand on the grid by utilising a 19.2kW PV Array,  27 kWh of lithium battery storage, a 14kW heat pump, an inverter charger, power optimizers, MPPT’s and a grid connect inverter. The array consists of 59 panels, 12 north facing, 6 north east facing and 41 east facing. These panels have were placed in accordance with the customers wishes.


This was an incredibly complicated system which delivered what was promised; reductions in both natural gas and electricity consumption, improved efficiency and an extremely satisfied customer.

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