Restaurant Electrical Audit

Fancy Hanks - Melbourne CBD

Fancy Hanks Electrical Audit Banner


Fancy Hanks is one of the hottest restaurant and bar’s in Melbourne’s CBD. Greenwood Solutions were engaged to conduct a complete electrical audit and fit out of the venue including security, audio and power supply to the kitchen. Greenwood Solutions identified that the bar fridges upstairs were overheating and drawing a amount of current leading to power factor problems and unnecessary electricity costs.


Greenwood Solutions designed and installed an exhaust and ducting to extract the heat from all the equipment which were experiencing overheating problems. All electrical work was completed to take advantage of a future planned solar installation to achieve further cost reductions.


The ducting solution lowered the operating temperatures of the kitchen appliances and reduced Fancy Hanks’ power consumption considerably. The ground work completed during the electrical fit out has also future proofed the business when they want to implement a renewable energy system.

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