Residential PV

and battery installation

Residential Solar


Amanda and Mick wanted to reduce their electricity bill after building their new family home in the inner suburbs of Melbourne. Greenwood Solutions were engaged to scope out a solar system and battery solution to meet the energy needs of the McMahon’s household.


Using data from their most recent electricity bill, Greenwood Solutions designed a solar system to generate 140% of the average daily energy consumed by the household. As the majority of the energy use occurred outside of daylight hours, a lithium ion battery system was installed in garage to make the energy collected during the day available for consumption during the night.


Since installation, the McMahon’s have reduced their average power bill from $530 to $47 per quarter. In some instances they have received a power credit by feeding excess electricity back into the grid. Amanda and Mick can monitor their family’s usage using the app and receive email notifications when they are close to consuming all the available power in this battery system.

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