Manufacturing Solar Installation

Atherton & Sons Case Study

Atherton and Sons Manufacturing Solar Installation


Atherton and Sons are a large scale manufacturing business who approached us to investigate ways to reduce their electricity costs of over $70,000 per annum. The business was embarking on the development of a third factory to increase their manufacturing output but were concerned about their annual electricity costs increasing and jeopardising their competitiveness.


By conducting a physical audit on power consumption, we identified that implementing a solar system would have a significant impact on reducing electricity costs as the majority of the businesses power use occurs during daylight hours. A 100kW solar system was designed and installed which produces enough power throughout the day to reduce Atherton and Sons annual electricity bill to provide reassurance to the directors that the development of a third factory would increase the business’ costs substantially.


The solar system Atherton and Sons purchased has reduced their electricity consumption by 39%, saving the business $27,000 per year. We also constructed a finance package which had a zero net impact to Atherton and Sons operating cost. The finance has a five year pay back period after which, Atherton and Sons will own the system and realise further cost savings.

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