A Large Christian College – Solar Audit

An example of why you need a competent company designing your solar systems.



The school initially was powered by a diesel generator for a significant period before being connected to the grid. As the school grew, it added  solar across different rooftops. The total size of the solar system moved above 30kW thus requiring grid protection. As the solar systems were installed across multiple and unconnected buildings, certain complexities arose not addressed by another solar installation company.


This was where Greenwood Solutions were engaged to design a concept and install a system that could meet the distributor’s requirements. A radio frequency grid protection solution was selected as the most appropriate communication device to enable synchronisation for grid disconnected of the solar system should a fault condition occur. In addition we re submitted the grid applications and commissioned the generators ATS.


The network application went smoothly, communicating to the DNSP how the grid protection system would disconnect the solar should a fault condition occur and also if the school was to lose grid power, the automatic transfer switch would switch the generator on and turn the solar off to prevent damage.  It was a project that presented challenges but was embraced and we look forward to working with the school as they continue to grow the renewable energy system over the coming years.

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