The Jackson School – Victorian Public School

The rising cost of energy in Australia is becoming an all too familiar talking point.



There were some complexities involved in managing a project of this size in a School with children with disabilities. There was no option to complete the project with students and staff on-site. There was a 10 day window during the Spring school holidays to install and commission the entire project. Design and organisation was key to delivering the project within the timeframe.


Close attention was paid to the balance of North-East and North-West facing panels in this design to help achieve the correlation between production from solar and the loads from the School. Greenwood Solutions supplied a wireless monitoring system, which is screened on a TV at the main reception so that the school staff and students can keep a close eye on how the system performs.


Principal, Joan O’Connor-Cox:

Our decision to have solar installed was strategic.  We had a sustainability topic driving the student learning at the end of 2017. Our energy bills were continually increasing with bills exceeding $40,000 annually and striving to offer authentic educational opportunities for our students meant we wanted to show our students how we could use renewable energy to be more sustainable.

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