Extreme Clean Car Wash – Pakenham

Extreme Car Washer’s owner contacted Greenwood solutions to formulate an energy management strategy for their Pakenham based business.



Extreme Clean Car Wash was experiencing annual electricity bills that exceeded $20,000. Jonathan approached Greenwood Solutions with a view to incorporating a solar-based renewable energy as part of an overall energy management strategy.


After analysis of the supplied interval data it was decided to supply a 23.5 kW solar system to address the 226 kWh/day load. The array consists of 68 panels, all of which are north facing on a moderate tilt. The panels are placed in the optimum location close to where the energy will be consumed.


The system has only been in for a short time but via the Solar Analytics monitoring system installed Jonathan is able to see exactly how the system is performing. Jonathan’s predicted decrease in grid acquired energy will result in considerable cost savings of around $7,000 per year.

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