Commercial Solar Installation

Pronto Refridgeration Commercial Solar Installation


Pronto Refrigeration is a medium sized business located in Coburg that wanted to reduce their operating expenses. On average Pronto Refrigeration was consuming approximately 125kWh per day and with business expanding this figure was forecast to increase. After wages and parts, electricity was their largest overheads, costing the business between $9,000 and $11,000 per year.


We designed and installed a 40kW PV Array to reduce Pronto’s electricity consumption by 80% to 25 kWh per day. LED lighting was installed to achieve further reductions in power usage. We were able to help Pronto access a federal renewable energy rebate program so the LED lighting was installed at no cost to the business.


Since installation of the solar system in LED lighting installation in the factory, Pronto’s electricity bills have fallen by 90%. Pronto have referred Greenwood Solutions to several other companies due to the project results and our ongoing support.

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