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We have provided energy solutions and innovative technologies for a diverse selection of clients across commercial, residential and industrial sectors.


Melbourne Metro Tunnel Project

Along its route, the depth of the Metro Tunnel will be up to 42 metres. The deepest point will be under Swanston Street, at the northern edge of the CBD. From the station under Swanston Street at Flinders Street, the tunnels will travel below the Yarra River before passing under CityLink on their way to the new Anzac Station under St Kilda Road.


Cold Storage Facility 450kW

Refrigerated facilities required extremely large amounts of electrical energy. Greenwood Solutions was commissioned by Epho to install a large 440 kW solar system utilising Q cells and multiple ABB three phase inverters. A large Secondary Grid Protection Board was built by Greenwood Solutions and, in addition to the installation, we conducted secondary injection tests.

Atherton & Sons - Manufacturing Solar Installation

Manufacturing PV Installation 100kW

Atherton and Sons are a large scale manufacturing business who approached Greenwood Solutions to investigate ways to reduce their electricity costs of over $70,000 per annum. The business was embarking on the development of a third factory to increase their manufacturing output but were concerned about their annual electricity costs increasing and jeopardising their competitiveness.

Fancy Hanks - Restaurant Electrical Audit

Restaurant Electrical Audit

Fancy Hanks is one of the hottest restaurant and bar’s in Melbourne’s CBD. Greenwood Solutions were engaged to conduct a complete electrical audit and fit out of the venue including security, audio and power supply to the kitchen. Greenwood Solutions identified that the bar fridges upstairs were overheating and drawing a amount of current leading to power factor problems and unnecessary electricity costs.


A Large Christian College – Solar Audit

An example of why you need a competent company designing your solar systems. A large Christian College had commissioned a company to design and install a solar based renewable energy system which ended up being non compliant.


The Jackson Public School –  100kW

The rising cost of energy in Australia is becoming an all too familiar talking point. But for public sector organisations such as Schools, the importance of keeping a firm grasp on energy costs has become paramount. Traditional allocations for education need to stay in education and not to be diverted to manage rising energy costs. Joan O’Connor-Cox, the Principal of Jackson School, a special needs school in St Albans Victoria, utilised Greenwood Solutions to solve the school’s energy predicament.


Tobin Brother’s Rectification – Coburg

Energy storage systems have multiple roles to play in a business or domestic sphere and if installed incorrectly problems can arise. This was the case when Tobin Brothers, in Coburg contacted Greenwood Solutions to investigate some issues which severely impacted on their ability to conduct business.


Hybrid Battery System – Brunswick

Solar grid feed in tariffs are negligible and coupled with the average house being unoccupied during the day the demand for reliable solar hybrid battery storage systems is growing at a tremendous rate. Incorporating a energy storage system in the overall scheme requires a increased level of experience when compared to a standard grid connect system.


Residential PV/Battery Installation

Amanda and Mick wanted to reduce their electricity bill after building their new family home in the inner suburbs of Melbourne. Greenwood Solutions were engaged to scope out a solar system and battery solution to meet the energy needs of the McMahon’s household.

Pronto Refrigeration - Commercial Solar Installation

Commercial Solar Installation

Pronto Refrigeration is a medium sized business located in Coburg that wanted to reduce their operating expenses. On average Pronto Refrigeration was consuming approximately 125kWh per day and with business expanding this figure was forecast to increase. After wages and parts, electricity was their largest overheads, costing the business between $9,000 and $11,000 per year.


Solar and Storage – A cautionary tale

Michael had a issue concerning an existing solar and battery storage system that had been installed by another company at his residence in Kew. The original quote and system design was at odds and many safety aspects of the installation raised some alarm bells including phase loading, battery short circuit currents and positioning.


Stormwater Pump Station – UPS

Basements and low lying garages are subject to flooding especially when the existing storm water drainage system is blocked or cannot cope with a deluge. This can cause expensive damage to cars and equipment. Greenwood Solutions was called upon to design and install a lithium based stormwater system to cope with such events.


Extreme Clean Car Wash – Pakenham

We believe that every organisation needs to optimise their energy consumption to reduce waste and remain competitive and car washes are a perfect example. Extreme Car Washer’s owner contacted Greenwood solutions to formulate an energy management strategy for their Pakenham based business. We were aware that an average car wash has electricity bills that can exceed $8000 per annum and in this day and age the decision to incorporate solar into an overall energy management strategy is a financially prudent one.


Solar and Storage – Mount Albert

Paul had a issue concerning extremely high natural gas and electricity consumption due to the heating requirements of a backyard swimming pool. This project presented many difficulties and required a energy management strategy that utilized solar photovoltaics, a lithium battery storage system and a heat pump, all based around multiple roofs.

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