LGC Metering

LGC Metering

The Large-scale Renewable Energy Target creates a financial incentive for growth of renewable energy stations, such as wind and solar farms. It does this through the creation of large-scale generation certificates (LGC’s).

LGC’s are created based on the amount of eligible renewable electricity produced by the stations, and can be sold or traded to Renewable Energy Target liable entities, in addition to their sale of electricity to the grid. Liable entities have a legal obligation to buy and surrender large-scale generation certificates to the Clean Energy Regulator on an annual basis.

The number of large-scale generation certificates required to be submitted by electricity retailers is set each year by the renewable power percentage.

To participate under the Large-scale Renewable Energy Target, power stations must generate electricity from eligible natural resources such as sun and wind.

We offer LCG metering and a remote Data Monitoring services so that the Meter does not need to be read manually to be able to generate LGC’s.

LGC Metering Pricing

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Referral Program for solar installers

15% discount for all referrals

Greenwood Solutions strive to provide exceptional services to our clients and therefore value the contribution they may to our business. Therefore we offer a 15% discount on your next secondary protection injection test to any PV solar installer that refer our testing services to another individual or company who engage Greenwood Solutions to perform secondary protection injection testing.

Loyalty benefits

Greenwood Solutions are all about forging long term commercial relationships. For clients who engage Greenwood Solutions to perform multiple secondary protection injection tests, every sixth test will be free of charge allowing the PV solar installer to keep any fees they pass onto their customer for the service.

Preferred partner pricing

For any PV solar installer or company who promote Greenwood Solutions as their preferred secondary protection injection testing partner with a link this page on their website will receive a 10% discount on any solar injection testing services.

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