Thermal Efficiency

Air-conditioning, heating and insulation play a large role in a buildings thermal efficiency. Auditing, optimising and sometimes replacing heating and cooling units is vital to reducing your electricity bill.


Air Conditioning

Air conditioning can be a substantial load for any facility. If the air conditioning unit is old, faulty or inefficient it can consume large amounts of electricity. We evaluate whether or not the clients air-conditioning unit is running efficiently and whether or not it should be replaced.



Depending on the building in question, heating can consume substantial amounts of energy. We¬†examine the performance of the heating system and can provide advice and solutions on how to increase it’s efficiency.



While windows can be overlooked they can cause solar gain (radiation from the sun heats the room via the window) as well as be a source of heat loss. Replacing the windows with double glazed can significantly reduce the amount of energy to heat or cool a room.

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