Commercial Solar Sales Training

Training for solar sales teams by solar sales experts.

Commercial Solar Sales Training

Key learning areas:

  • The differences between domestic and commercial systems
  • REC’S and LGC’s
  • Commercial solar tools: how to use PV Sell and Near Maps (with demos)
  • Understanding important financial terminology
  • How to design a successful sales presentation and what to include
  •  Presenting to potential clients
  • How to find relevant businesses
  • Oral vs visual presentations
  • How to present yourself to potential clients
  • Creating a sales story and what it means
  • Presenting the benefits of solar
  • Making your presentation relevant to the client’s industry
  • Understanding the psychology of selling
  • The power of graphics and how to use them
  • Unspoken concerns

Commercial Solar Sales & Marketing Training

This course will help you to develop the key sales and marketing strategies that are required to successfully win large-scale commercial projects.

The training will be valuable for both solar installers and salespersons who are looking to make the move to the commercial market or just need to refresh their knowledge on current procedures and learn new skills.

As well as being experts in their field, our speakers have decades of experience working in the renewable industry; installing, selling and marketing commercial systems.

Why Attend This Course

  • The course is a comprehensive full-day course that outlines the practical steps for selling and marketing commercial solar systems
  • The similarities between domestic and commercial installs are obvious, however, understanding the complexities and financial ramifications of a commercial project is not always clear. The sales course will explain the financial imperatives involved in dealing with commercial projects and the level of knowledge and professionalism required for a successful proposal
  • Gain knowledge from industry professionals that have hands-on experience installing, selling and marketing large-scale commercial systems
  • Develop the skills you need to stand out from the crowd both online and in person
  • Connect with our wealth of experience and existing suite of products and services to build confidence, support, loyalty and forge ongoing relationships

What you will Learn

  • The course covers the essential sales and marketing processes involved in managing a commercial project from start to finish. Beginning with discovering your target audience, capturing their attention and finally closing the deal
  • The complexities of a commercial proposal vs a domestic proposal
  • How to use a range of different commercial solar tools such as Nearmaps, Sunny Design and PV Sell
  • An understanding of different financial terminology and what they mean for solar
  • LGCs, PPAs and Solar Leasing
  • How to develop a successful sales presentation
  • How to find prospective businesses to pitch commercial solar to
  • Presenting and speaking confidently to your prospective clients
  • Creating a sales story and what that means to your business and the client
  • The psychology of selling

What’s included

  • A full-day class with professional speakers that have decades of experience in the industry
  • Examples of successful sales presentations and marketing strategies
  • Question and answer sessions
  • A financial diary
  • High-quality morning tea and hot lunch at a local cafe
  • An essential takeaway guide that contains important reference material to execute skills learnt


Veli Markovic

Veli is our main presenter and has worked in the renewable industry for nearly two decades. With years of experience working on commercial projects, Veli has perfected the processes of delivering a successful commercial sales pitch and understands the importance behind the psychology of selling.

As well as being hands-on in the industry, Veli has also been involved in running sell-out training programmes for a number of top energy companies. He is passionate about providing customers with an immersive experience and understands the sacrifices of taking the time out to attend training. The event, therefore, has been designed with the customer in mind and provides attendees with a valuable and worthwhile experience.

Richard Bragg

Richard has been a sales professional for nearly 40 years and cut his teeth in the world of consumer and prosumer electronics, hi-fi systems at Pioneer.

From there he moved into the renewable energy sector where he worked for a number of companies and now to consults with Greenwood. Richard brings his vast experience from both practical and theoretical stance and will lead the participants through a series of role plays; a technique that has remarkable effectiveness in preparing the salesperson for the whole customer proposal relationship.

Guest speakers

We have a number of additional guest speakers presenting at the event who will be announced in the coming weeks.


A group discount is available when purchasing 3 or more tickets and look out for the Early Bird Discount!

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