Commercial Solar Installation Training

Training for installers by installers.

Commercial Solar Install training

Key learning areas:

  • Safe Work Method Statements (SWM’s)
  • OH&S
  • AC work inverter and grid protection
  • Solar panel layout
  • Material handling on site
  • RACI ( responsible, accountable, consulted and informed)
  • Stakeholder interaction
  • Managing staff on site
  • Correct procedures when dealing with materials and components
  • Cable, conduit and cable tray setting out
  • Cable bending radiuses
  • Rubbish removal logistics
  • Injection testing
  • Commissioning and inspection

Training for installers by installers

Greenwood Solutions have found that many installers need to enter the commercial solar sphere to remain viable but are ill equipped to do so effectively.
The similarities between domestic and commercial solar, both in regards to installation and selling, are obvious but the differences not necessarily so. For example, the size of commercial systems involve a certain complexity, scale and understanding that isn’t immediately apparent unless one has had previous experience with these systems before.
Not having the experience and confidence creates a situation where the installer can get into a bit of trouble with jobs of this magnitude.

Problems are solved

The sheer scale of commercial solar jobs requires more attention to detail, more exacting procedures and a more rigid adherence to the tasks at hand.
Greenwood Solutions has already experienced the hardships, both as a business and through personal experience and therefore is well versed in why and what things need to be done, and more importantly how to do them.

Moving from the domestic to commercial requires a rethink, an adjustment to existing preconceived ideas.
By creating these training programs, Greenwood Solutions assists the installer in developing the skills, tools and confidence to become effective and profitable participants in the exciting and lucrative field of commercial solar.

Building confidence and relationships

The training also allows installers to connect with our wealth of experience and existing suite of products and services with the aim of building confidence, support, loyalty and forging ongoing relationships.

The commercial install course is virtually a step by step process; from receiving materials on site all the way through to commissioning.
The training format involves a comprehensive full day presentation with three experienced industry professionals, with questions and answers throughout the day.

Expression of Interest

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