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Why you Should Consider Renewable Energy

Renewable energy isn’t just the latest trend, it’s the wave of the future. By some estimates, the world’s natural energy resources will be completely depleted by the year 2088. That’s especially concerning when you consider humans’ reliance on energy, from cooking food to staying warm to getting from one place to the next. Heck, you wouldn’t even be reading this article without the use of energy.

As the world’s population booms, so does the importance of finding energy alternatives to oil, coal and natural gas. Still not convinced? Read on for more reasons we should all consider using renewable energy.

It’s clean

Most forms of renewable energy result in the emission of little to no greenhouse gasses and carbon emissions. When processed properly, renewable energy has minimal – if any – negative effect on the environment.

It’s healthy

No pollution of the air, water or soil means a healthier environment for all of us. The risk of cancer and other diseases can decrease dramatically if the environmental conditions in which we live are improved.

It’s reliable

Fossil fuels are routinely caught in the middle of political, economic and environmental wars, leaving their availability and accessibility to chance. The abundance and renewability of alternative energy are immune to many of these obstacles.

It’s cheaper

Renewable energy can be made more affordable to consumers than traditional forms of energy. For instance, residential solar panels will pay for themselves in less than 15 years and can provide a return of up to four times their investment. Not only can renewable energy be distributed more cheaply but the industry has the potential to create thousands upon thousands of jobs for the economy.

It’s the power of the people

Renewable energy can put the future of our planet back into the hands of the people and away from government control. With renewable energy, farmers, landowners, communities, and individuals can have more control over their energy cost and consumption.

It’s stable

Not only can renewable energy be cheaper than fossil fuels, it can also bring more stable prices. As fossil fuels deplete, the price increases according to the simple laws of supply and demand. But energy resources that are renewable escape these laws of economics, bringing consistency and stability to energy prices.

It’s trustworthy

Natural disasters such as hurricanes and blizzards can leave thousands of people without electricity for long stretches of time. But because renewable energy such as solar and wind power are widely distributed and modular systems, severe weather in one area will not affect the energy availability in another.

It’s easier

The maintenance requirements of a renewable energy facility are typically far less demanding than those of fossil fuel plants.

When you add up all the benefits, it’s easy to see how renewable energy has the potential to create a better world. If you weren’t considering renewable energy as an option before, you should now.

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