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We have provided energy solutions and innovative technologies for a diverse selection of clients across commercial, residential and industrial sectors.

Atherton & Sons - Manufacturing Solar Installation

Manufacturing PV Installation

Atherton and Sons are a large scale manufacturing business who approached Greenwood Solutions to investigate ways to reduce their electricity costs of over $70,000 per annum. The business was embarking on the development of a third factory to increase their manufacturing output but were concerned about their annual electricity costs increasing and jeopardising their competitiveness.

Fancy Hanks - Restaurant Electrical Audit

Restaurant Electrical Audit

Fancy Hanks is one of the hottest restaurant and bar’s in Melbourne’s CBD. Greenwood Solutions were engaged to conduct a complete electrical audit and fit out of the venue including security, audio and power supply to the kitchen. Greenwood Solutions identified that the bar fridges upstairs were overheating and drawing a amount of current leading to power factor problems and unnecessary electricity costs.


Residential PV/Battery Installation

Amanda and Mick wanted to reduce their electricity bill after building their new family home in the inner suburbs of Melbourne. Greenwood Solutions were engaged to scope out a solar system and battery solution to meet the energy needs of the McMahon’s household.

Pronto Refrigeration - Commercial Solar Installation

Commercial Solar Installation

Pronto Refrigeration is a medium sized business located in Coburg that wanted to reduce their operating expenses. On average Pronto Refrigeration was consuming approximately 125kWh per day and with business expanding this figure was forecast to increase. After wages and parts, electricity was their largest overheads, costing the business between $9,000 and $11,000 per year.

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