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Community Update: April 2018

Here’s what the team has been up to during April… April turned out to be a huge month for Greenwood Solutions; the business has continued to grow and develop, with the addition of new team members, the announcement of a big partnership and the inclusion of training services. Partnership with peer-to-peer energy trading company Power Ledger Interview […]

Why you Should Consider Renewable Energy

Renewable energy isn’t just the latest trend, it’s the wave of the future. By some estimates, the world’s natural energy resources will be completely depleted by the year 2088. That’s especially concerning when you consider humans’ reliance on energy, from cooking food to staying warm to getting from one place to the next. Heck, you wouldn’t […]

Types of Renewable Energy

When you walk out of a room and flip off the light switch, where does that electricity go? If it’s coming from fossil fuels such as coal, oil and natural gas, the answer is that energy is gone forever. But if the source of that electricity was renewable, that room can light up again using […]

PV & Storage Can Be Cheaper Than Coal

Originally published on RenewEconomy. By Sophie Vorrath A German – and formerly majority Australian owned – developer of concentrated solar power plants with molten salt storage says it can get the cost of electricity from a utility-scale version of its technology, with 15 hours of thermal energy storage, down to between 5 and 7 cents […]

What is load shifting?

Load shifting is as basic as storing energy and using it at a later stage. Here are a few examples of load shifting. Multi tariff shifting Let’s say Fred and Jan’s family have off-peak electricity tariff between 11 pm – 7 am at 12c per a kW/h of electricity used. Now when Fred and Jan’s […]

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