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Your business is losing money by not switching to solar

 Renewable energy is often considered as something only the environmentally conscious adopt in an attempt to reduce their carbon footprint, however, this sustainable image has become outdated. Installing renewable technologies such as solar is simply good business practice; as the price of solar continues to fall and electricity prices rise,  businesses are saving thousands on their […]

Renewable Energy Trends 2018

The renewable energy industry is booming. As the negative impacts of fossil fuels and climate change are becoming more widely understood, businesses and individuals are increasingly making the switch to alternative energy. Renewable energy sources such as solar are not limited to the environmentally conscious; they also provide huge financial benefits and allow people to regain control […]

5 Reasons why all Schools Should Switch to Solar

Case Study: Jackson Public School Here at Greenwood Solutions, we recently finished a huge 100kW solar installation on Jackson Public School in Melbourne, Victoria. Joan O’Connor-Cox, the school’s principal, explained that installing solar was a tactical decision for them, to both save on electricity bills and teach students the importance of sustainable living: “Our decision to […]

Community Update: April 2018

Here’s what the team has been up to during April… April turned out to be a huge month for Greenwood Solutions; the business has continued to grow and develop, with the addition of new team members, the announcement of a big partnership and the inclusion of training services. Partnership with peer-to-peer energy trading company Power Ledger Interview […]

Greenwood Solutions Launch Solar Training

Greenwood Solutions are proud to announce the launch of solar training programs for installers. We have recently added a number of training programs to support installers and help develop their skills and practices.

Our comprehensive solar courses are delivered by an experienced team who boast years of industry experience and have identified key challenges faced by any installer moving into the commercial sector.

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